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Regulate Baseboard Radiators

Today’s technology provides excellent tools to regulate baseboard radiators. Several manufacturers offer programmable baseboard thermostats that can control temperature settings allowing for pre-determined heat control. Regulating your baseboard heater can help cut down on electric costs.

Eliminate Heat When Not Needed

A programmable thermostat provides you with the ability to pre-set a variety of different temperatures to precisely control the level of heat that is generated in a room at a particular point during the day. Thus, you can pre-set the thermostat for a day time temperature when the kids are away at school and parents are busy working. Different temperatures can be set at night while sleeping while another heats the room and house at a greater temperature when occupants awake. You can eliminate heating at all by pre-programming the baseboard to perform at a certain time prior to occupants returning home.

Ease of Operation

Again, today’s technology affords the homeowner an ability to easily operate a programmable thermostat to regulate your baseboard radiators. Each is equipped with an easy to read LED display that illuminates your selected temperature control that is set by pressing a button.

Precision Control

A programmable thermostat to regulate baseboard radiators provided exceptional precise temperature control. Where dial or slide bar mechanical thermostats can only approximate a call for a certain degree, a programmable digital thermostat to regulate your heat can pinpoint an exact temperature – within a half degree. Furthermore, you can set a programmable digital thermostat to work in Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales.

You can also program the thermostat blocking another user who attempts to set the controls for increasing the temperature. An additional feature pre-sets a high-point maximum setting preventing the system from going over your prescribed threshold. As a precaution, the device allows an escape from all programmed settings. These units are equipped with adjustable heat cycle controls that allow the homeowner to set specific on and off times during a heating cycle instead of regulating by temperature alone. These features make the programmable digital thermostat installed to regulate baseboard radiators an excellent choice for providing not only convenient operations but make the heaters more energy efficient.

Tracking Information

Programmable digital thermostats installed to regulate baseboard radiators also help track energy consumption. The LED readout can also summon information about weekly and daily energy consumptions displaying peak demand times. Many units will display an out-of-norm power demand that may help in your overall energy consumption plan. Certain “bad” habits can contribute to an abnormal power demand such as doors or windows opened keeping a room cooled down and thus the baseboard heater operating continuously to meet the programmed demand for a certain temperature setting.